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Dealer Management System

Centralized Business ERP for dealers, Provides only modern, fully-integrated Digital Transformation Platform, which helps in managing customers, vehicle and inventory information

DMS featuring the competence to operate the transactions and Dashboards on the iPad/Tablet for the convenience of the dealers helps to automate the complex operations of the unit on the go. Furthermore, it also simplifies to connect the entire network of customers, employees, business associates, and suppliers.

Better resource management, improved decision making strategy, and better productivity become feasible with a high-tech. An efficiently developed can accomplish all your purposes including streamlining inventory management, invoicing, inspection, customer services, work order, logistics, and other processes of a manufacturing unit.

Obaba E-Commerce make the web a better place

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Obaba strength their position by providing services and product beyond client expectation. We backing our words by work done by highly experienced and talented developers and designers. We liable to deliver top-level integrated services like payment gateway integration, customized design.

If you are in such a confusion like which platform to chose for your E-commerce website. Trust obaba to give you best of the suggesstion and solutions based on your business type.

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