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Textile Industry

Texoye Software: Improve Efficiency & Profitability of Textile Business

Texoye ERP software will enable to convert all your manual process to digital with complete automation.

Texoye ERP is a web- based platform were the users can able to access the application through a secure intranet connection across different locations in multiple devices such as desktop, mobile, laptops etc with rich look and feel.

This software is used to manage the business in a systematic way, or example ERP enables the management of the textile industries in all the operational level such as planning, development, manufacturing, distribution as well as selling. The software keeps record of the resources or raw materials used and required in the industry as well as keep track of the data by keeping records in the software. This software is basically needed in small as well as bigger businesses and they can be customized according to the specific business needs. This is one of the major advantages of using ERP. Moreover, it keeps a record on numerous data used for the business.

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If you are in such a confusion like which platform to chose for your E-commerce website. Trust obaba to give you best of the suggesstion and solutions based on your business type.

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